Goose bumps moments for you and your clients

The mindTV Training & Certification Program for
practitioners, therapists, coaches and counsellors

Professional Online Training with Certification

mindTV is guided visualization. With the help of imagination you transform bad feelings into objects and remove them. It's watching TV in the mind.

This unique method has been developed over many years and thousands of sessions with children and adults. Nothing you find in the mindTV training is just plain theory, but has been successfully developed in real sessions.

The Power of Pictures

You use the imagination of your clients to find the root of a problem. By exchanging the pictures they change the story they tell themselves.

This works so well because all the answers are already there. You just need to guide the client in the right direction.

Make others bigger

Empower children and adults. Show them how to gain self confidence, build up resilience and unlock their potential. Help them experience self-eficacy and guide them so they can help themselves. Make them fit for a live which is full of challenges and the same time full of happy moments.

What a fullfilling and meaningful calling.

For people who help other people

The mindTV training program is aimed primarily at coaches, alternative practitioners and therapists and teaches them how to successfully use visualization on many different topics - with children and adults alike.

However, mindTV can be adapted at will and therefore offers versatile application possibilities, even outside of classic coaching sessions. Whether pediatrician, toddler caregiver, speech therapist or nurse, whether in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes or sports clubs - children and adults can close their eyes anywhere to imagine something and feel significantly better just moments later.

Goose bump moments

When a young girl doing mindTV says "woof woof" in the middle of a session and then explains to you, what the dog just told her. When adults cry out of happiness, because her inner world is not dark anymore but full of flowers, courage and new motivation. When children you've helped go out, help friends in school and tell their parents, they want to become a mindTV practitioner one day. Just of few of these priceless moments that make working with people such a privilege.

Memorable Moments from Session

What mindTV with kids looks like and why we call it the best job in the world

Designed to help you succeed

We asked professionals like yourself, what it is they struggle with most. And then we addressed it.

Create Engaging Sessions

Yes, kids can be restless in our digital age, especially when not playing a game on the parents smartphone. mindTV will show you how to find the childs interests and then take it on a lively, exciting and fun journey through its own subconsciousness. Watching TV in their mind will keep kids motivated and curious.

Know What to Say and Do

We have good news for you. The answer really never lies in exactly copying someones way of doing things. It is your client, who has all the answers. All you really need to do is guide them through the steps so they can help themselves. And this step by step framework is exactly what mindTV provides.

See Incredible Results

Clients want results. After all, that's what they pay for, right? Sure, most will walk out and tell you that they feel a little better. But the real magic happens, when they discover that their issue is completely resolved. mindTV will help you surprise clients and have them spread the story of how you were able to help them.

Get More Clients

You can't advertise your way to success anymore. It all comes down to word of mouth. That determines, how full your books will be. Help just one child completely solve an issue and parents, teacher and friends will all recognize the change. Do this a few times, and you will have people standing in line for your services.

Not Worry About Mistakes

During mindTV, you are sort of like a driving instructor. You sit in the passenger seat while the client does the work. Your job is to lead the client. While every ride may take a bit of a different route, there is really nothing you can do to wrong here. Follow the mindTV flow chart and your client will fill in all the gaps.

Be Excited

If you're already a successful professional yourself, mindTV most likely is exactly what you've been looking for. Not just a shiny new toy to play around with, but a highly effective method to help clients solve their isssues. Be among the first to apply this and get in touch with us. Many exciting ideas to talk about.

mindTV is impressive

The special case of the girl with the jolts

A distressed mother turned to me seeking help for her daughter, 10 years old, experiencing painful jolts throughout the body. The doctors and neurologists had nothing left to offer. They gave the diagnosis of psychosomatic. This girl had a long history of ailments and had spent large parts of her young life connected to tubes in hospitals. Tied to the bed, she couldn’t play with friends, leading to loneliness and sadness.

In the first session she visualized her mind room and quickly discover all sorts of alarm signals. In search for answers, it becomes clear that this girl is completely trapped in her own body. Negotiations with the body fail, so we resort to general clean up and resetting buttons.

In the following sessions the negotiations become more fruitful. Step by step we restore the balance of the Healthy Human Triangle. Despite steady general improvements, the jolts were still there. The fourth session proved to be the breakthrough. She finally becomes Boss of her Body.

2 ½ hours later, her mother confirmed, that the jolting had stopped. Goosebump moment.

The detailed outline of this case can be found in the main manual of the training program.

An Online Training Platform

You value time. You prefer it simple. You appreciate convenience. Enhance your skill set from the comfort of your own home.

100% Fluff-Free

No studying hundreds of pages. No watching countless DVDs in search of the rare nuggets. We have reduced the training program to one giant nugget. You will find value in every word.

Just Push Play

No hassles with ZIP files. No issues with enormous downloads. Everything is streamed and works on all your devices. Just push play and watch as often as you want.

Whenever, Wherever

You get 100% access immediately. You can take the program from the comfort of your own home. Whenever and wherever you want.

Here's exactly what's inside

A practical set of downloads for professional use

Access to online platform
You will receive full access to all areas immeately after your booking.

Main training manual
A beautiful, well-structured 100-page document that shows you why mindTV is so effective and teaches you to apply it successfully.

Adults extension
mindTV works exceptionally well with adults also. Discover how to adapt the method and be ready for all the parents that will want to experience mindTV themselves.

These are designed to help you explain mindTV to children and their parents during pre-talk.

Flow chart
This is like a one page navigation system. Have this beside you in the beginning and you will easily find your way through the entire session.

Training videos
31 compact, easy to understand tutorials showing you exactly how to perform the main mindTV steps on the clients.

32 creative Add-ons
Detailed solutions for all kinds of topics. Add life and color to your sessions.

Pre-talk outline
A straight-forward outline how to talk with child and parents. This will give you instant credibility and make you look like the professional you are.

Session Videos
You can look forward to lots of hours of video material. Look forward to learn from real sessions with real clients.

Session videos
Look forward to learn from real sessions with real clients.

Cheat sheets
Designed to have near you at all times. Pull out the one you need, when you need it. Never get stuck, always know what to say.

On the learning platform you will find solutions to all kinds of topics, frequently asked questions and many videos with excerpts from real mindTV sessions.

World class support
We don't just say that, we live it every day. Any questions will be answered quickly and personally.

The mindTV certification process is very popular because after a theoretical examination you also submit three practical cases. You get personal feedback with insights, tips and suggestions for improvement.

Certificate of Proficiency
Following certification, you will receive your personalized certificate.

Talented practitioners will find all kinds of perspectives and opportunities at mindTV and can shape a fantastic future together with us.

Discover fresh, new concepts

and prepare for aha-moments

Thinking Wheels & mindTV Screen
Help clients turn their focus inward

Movie of their Life
Access all of the accumulated and stored memories of your clients life.

Arm Drop Process
Discover this simple and incredibly useful technique to locate the exact age and day, when your clients issues began and grew in size.

Their World and Safe Place
Identify what is affecting your client at present. From here you take them on a fascinating journey through their subconscious mind.

Time Bridge
Work your way up and down through the clients life and jump precisely to the incidences that need to be addressed.

Healthy Human Triangle
Unlock this powerful truth of how the two friends and body work together as a team and restore the balance your client needs.

32 Add-ons

An impressive set of tools covering the most common issues children are confronted with. These add-ons will help you deal with specific topics and add color and life to your sessions.

mindTV Add-ons

These are highly useful techniques that have been successfully helped clients of all ages.

They serve three main purposes:

1) to help you add color and fun to your sessions

2) to successfully deal with the most frequent issues

3) to serve as inspiration for your own ideas

Each add-on comes with a downloadable PDF file, sometimes also an instructional videos or audio file for the clients. While short add-ons may only be a couple of pages, the big ones are full session outlines for specific topics.

Addition in Person

Allergies & the Army

Bedwetting Cables

Black Rubbish Bag

Calm Party App (Speech issues)

Cords & Healing Lotion

Computer to Mind

Ear Filter (Concentration)

Flying Bicycle (Fears)

Fragrance of Success

Green & Red Tables (Weight loss)

Habit Tree

Head Puzzle

Information Screen (Learning)

Inheritance Ball Test

Lake of Protection

Light Tube

Magic Headphones (Bullying)

Magnet Hand

Mind Room

Mud Bath (Skin issues)

Number World (Learning)

Potential Backpack

Priority Drawers

Responsibility Backpack

Sensory Room

Shower Cloud

Sleep Stairs

Solar Plexus Room

SOS Towels

Three Steering Wheels (ADHD)

Tummy Slide (Toilet issues)

Like the many tools on a Swiss Army Knife, these add-ons are useful helpers in all situations. Find creative visualization techniques specifically made to deal with common issues like fears, learning problems or concentration

We build careers

Development Possibilities for Talented Practitioners

When mindTV talents are forged, it can get hot and loud. There's hammering, pressing and forming going on. Our style is not for everyone. We do straight talk. We are honest. We celebrate when we come across talents and then fire on all cylinders to push them forward .

If you want, we can tell you honestly where we see an area for growth. We can show you the path, get you hiking boots and even walk alongside you for a while – but you are the one who has to make the steps. How far you get depends on you.

Case study evaluation, consulting and questions that make you think.

WhatsApp Challenge
Daily challenge tasks which will get you off the couch and out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised what you are capable of.

Proven Professional
The next level certification for talented practitioners who discovered mindTV is their thing and want to grow with it.

"The founders of mindTV really want to support interested and talented practitioners. If you invest in mindTV, mindTV will invest in you!"

Renate Niederhauser

mindTV Proven Professional
in Bern, Switzerland

"What stands out most is the unbelievable mindset to help. Nowhere else I have been asked – what can WE do for YOU to make YOU successful?"

Karin Fütterer

mindTV Proven Professional
in Langenau, Germany

Your mindTV-Team

Sonya Mosimann

Founder of mindTV

Sonya is the stardust behind mindTV. She has been working with children for 8 years and realized more and more that established methods and approaches often reached their limits. She carefully observed the body language of the children during the sessions and read between the lines. She realized that images created in the mind are the true key. Based on this discovery and the experience of thousands of sessions she developed the visualization method mindTV.

Chris Lüscher

Co-Founder of mindTV

It is Chris whom we have to thank that Sonya’s creativity is not only beneficial to her own clients, but also to many other coaches in the German and English-speaking regions. He got mindTV on the road, designed and created the training platform and content. Chris is responsible for the strategy, marketing and the vision behind mindTV. You always find him where things need to get done, no matter what it is and what it takes.

Claudia Dübendorfer

Head of Training

Since early 2018 Claudia is part of the mindTV team. She accompanies the future Practitioner and Proven Pros on their journey and supports them with her deep professional knowledge. In addition she is a wonderful sparring partner for Sonya regarding the development of new add-ons or training concepts. She is an unbelievable positive, engaging and heartful person. We are more than happy and thankful to her on board.

Making Others Bigger

This attitude comes from the heart and we live it every day. It is what the mindTV training program is built on.


We always share everything we know on the learning platform. There will never be extra cost for topic specific add-ons, concepts or extensions on the training platform. Once you're in, you're in.

In Motion

mindTV never stands still. We don't rest on past successes. There is so much more to discover and improve on. Together with our talents we will keep adding valuable discoveries to the platform.


From day one mindTV was always about more than just ourselves. We never wanted to walk this path by ourselves. It is so much more impressive what you can accomplish when many contribute.

Getting to know the mindTV team is a gift to anyone who experiences it. Not only are they super fast, but they always find ways to make make people happy and add value. I love these people! We have the same values and share the philosophy!

Ellen Madlener

mindTV Proven Professional
in Coburg, Germany

Set your sails for a remarkable journey

Be part of something special



The mindTV Training Program is currently being updated on multiple levels.

Since we launched our primary focus has been the German-speaking part of Europe. With a little bit of pride and lots of gratitude we can say today, that something special is happening here.

It's now time to spread some of this magic into other parts of this world. If you feel this could be an opportunity for you, get in touch. We can't wait to get to know you.

Check out the German training program.


--- 2021 ---

Launch Event

We are currently putting together a one-of-a-kind event to bring the same magic practitioners have experienced here in Europe to the United States.

It will still take time for the details to come out. Get in touch if this would be of interest to you.

mindTV Training Program ENGLISH

Switch over to the German training program.

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What if it's just not for me?

That's when our 30-day "But, Try & Apply" 100% Money Back Guarantee kicks in

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this product will help you achieve fantastic results. Thousands of children have been helped. Thousands of parents can attest to its effectiveness.

Work your way through the training programm and when you're ready, apply it on your first client. You will immediately notice how powerful this tool really is. While your first few attempts may not yet be perfect, you will most definitely already see results. Goosebump moments on their way.

Granted, people are very different. Should the mindTV Method simply not fit your style, get in touch with our office. Let us know how you applied it and in which way it did not quite meet your expectations. We will refund you immediately. All refunds are discretionary.

Why we ask for this?

mindTV is a world class product and we want to see world class people using it, loving it and having great success with it. Only by applying the principles can you recognize the true potential. We do not want you to just sign up to have a quick look. If you're not sure, just ask us. People that do have a genuine interest will be eager to try it the very next day anyway.

So, go for it. Get mindTV and start using it. And if you're not completely satisfied, get in touch. Yes, it's that easy.

Other questions you may have

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. And if for some reason you still have a question that went unanswered, feel free to contact our office at

Most of our practitioners already work as a coach or therapist. The training platform is designed for the professional use with children and adults. There are also multiple tools available to market your practice and find potential clients.

And it is absolutely possible to start your coaching career with mindTV. You do not need other educations or courses before you start. You will get everything from A to Z to be able to help clients via creative visualization.

People with all different private and professional backgrounds find their way to us. mindTV is versatile and not limited to multiple-hour-long sessions. You can use it for riding lessons, swimming courses, schools, hospitals or care facilities – we are just excited if people find help through mindTV.

No shortage of trainings, courses and seminars out there, that's for sure. Not knocking any of the other methods; but we do strongly feel that most of them will still leave you wanting. Sonya also went through this for a long time. She spent a lot of time and money on all kinds of education and training. She then found the most promising bits and pieces of each training and eventually put them together in the puzzle that has become mindTV. The result is probably the most understandable, the most client AND practitioner friendly method to come along in many years. Especially for children, there simply is nothing comparable out there.

Well, we do admit that we're a little bit biased here :-).

Look, the truth is, in the field of "helping people" word of mouth is your only bet. Clients are immune to advertisements and bold claims, but not to stories. Having clients go out and tell their friends, will accelerate your business dramatically.

The best thing about helping children: Parents recognize the change and will also want to come to you.

YES, incredibly well! While the basic principles remain the same, you can just adapt some of the language and imagery to better suit the individual person. We strongly encourage you to apply this with anyone. Goose bump moments guaranteed. 

In fact, part of the training program ist an adult extension. Also, quite a few add-ons are specifically designed for adult topics.

As an instructor herself, Sonya has trained people face-to-face for years. At first, she was indeed a little sceptical. She naturally assumed that live training had to be more effective and people wouldn’t learn so well online. Then she discovered, that this was simply not true. Attendees of her live trainings would go home with the learning material, having heard everything only once. Days later they would remember only parts of what they had learned and really had nowhere to turn to, when questions came up. The mindTV training program allows you to try things out, watch the instructional videos over again. You can even freshen up shortly before session on your smartphone. And you can submit questions in your member area. We have found that learning, applying and coming back to reflect and review work exceptionally well and will have you working successfully with mindTV in no time.

No need to worry. You really just need to be able to use a keyboard, spell your name and know how to click on something with a mouse. Yes, it's that simple. A great deal of planning has gone into mindTV, to make it as easy to use as possible. The videos for example are streamed just like on YouTube - just push play. And if you do have an issue, our team will help you. Lightning fast.

Since you get immediate access to all the content on the training platform and you can decide your learning speed completely by your own. Some sign up in the morning and tell us in the afternoon how they implemented already first concepts. Others take more time and read the manual during their vacation.

The training platform is designed in a way to easily grasp and apply the core principles. You will be able to make our first steps quite early. At the same time, we constantly add new content to the platform and you will have years of new insights to look forward to.

To be more specific:
The core principles and the written exam can be conquered in 10-20 hours. The 32 add-ons, session videos, specific deep-dives and so on are good for another 50-100 hours.

In the end it is completely up to you how fast you want to move forward or when you want to take the exam.

The first step is the online multiple-choice test over 50 questions. You have 75 minutes to take this test.

After you passed this test, you turn in 3 own case studies. It does not matter if your clients are children or adults. You will receive personal feedback including tips, suggestions and helpful insights. This form of supervision is highly appreciated by our practitioners.

After the certification you will receive a pretty cool certificate via mail.